Using conventions when designing for extremes


I spoke at the BKK Web meetup in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015 shortly after I moved to the area. There was a great turnout of about 100 people consisting of locals and expats involved in the burgeoning tech scene of Thailand as either engineers, designers or entreprenuers. The talk was originally supposed to be about designing for extremes but we ended up focusing on using conventions.

I started out my talk by playing this video about how IDEO and other organizations focus on the extreme use cases of products and the prototyping strategies they use when developing new products.

Extreme personalities

After the video I talked a bit about how I recently designed an app for the Thai market and during usability testing, discovered extremely different personalities such as a 33 yr old banker who read every word on every screen and a 21 yr old marketing associate who kept blindly tapping the screen with the expectation of things immediately happening. The user research and usability testing we did gave us some rich insight into designing effective interactions for these individuals and resulted in us paring down some of the complexity to accomodate the extreme use cases we encountered.

Extreme devices

I touched briefly on considering the devices your application may be used on. I used an old android device in India as one example Vs. a brand new iPhone 6s in Bulgaria as another extreme.


Thanks to you. Your talk help me to open my point of view for devices, prototypes and conventions. - Giorgio Desideri Project Manager/Lead Software Developer at Intelligence LTD
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