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These are some things that can make your life better, some really obvious, others not so much..


Outside of what we do, our personal lives are essentially the result of the relationships we build, the things we think and the things we say.


Financial integrity can make you or break you. Both in personal and in professional matters.


Time spent investing in your spirituality will always be worth it


Create a plan for education in your life.. Find out if you are a lifelong learner who will drive yourself or someone who needs a structured educational system like a university. Wether you are self taught or in school, reading is incredibly important.. You will become what you read. Here are some of my favorite books:


It's super important to have a plan for your long term physical health. No fitness and poor diet will creep up on you in your 30s.


Keeping our stress in line, bouncing back from setbacks and building great relationships are
very important in designing a great life. Having people you can vent to, get advice from and lean on during tough times is essential to maintaining a positive outlook on life. Without these relationships to fall back on we tend to lean on substances, become depressed and become isolated. We grow in community.


Creativity is like everything else in life, it doesn't happen in a vacuum.

The biggest secret of designing a great life

You will become an average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Make sure each of those 5 people challenge you in at least two of these areas: